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and that would cost the go government more. >> that's not what i'm asking. low interest rates enabled the debt to accrue to the level it has. doesn't he have a moral responsibility to tell them ways to address it? >> absolutely. >> i mean, i don't think there's any question about that, exactly what you're saying. every time he talks, you almost feel as though what he's saying he wants to say more than what he is saying. what he needs to say is everything is in terrible shape. everything looks horrible and you better get your act straight because this country is going down the tube. >> he has said repeatedly when we go over the fiscal cliff, if we go over the fiscal cliff, we don't have any more tools. he says it a lot. >> it's even been stronger than that, maria. he has very much said what the beige book is saying right now which is that it's having a current effect. it's not in the future. >> agreed. >> i've got to say this. when we talk about interest rates, you know, staying low, objection remember, the government only can effectuate or affect the discount rate and the fed funds rate. most
. in 1937 as we were coming out of depression, the government tightened fiscal policy, raised taxes and the fed raised rates and created a second downturn. this is what ben bernanke has studied his whole life and this is the mistake he refuses to make. >> jeff, wouldn't that be a mistake? i mean, isn't part of the equation that we're not talking about, demand? yes, there's a lot money out there and it's very cheap right now but the demand for that money is what's keeping the inflation lower right now, isn't it? >> i would tell you, yeah, i mean, the demand i guess is certainly the issue that he's trying to stimulate here, but i just don't know how you stimulate it by continuing to just devalue the united states currency. >> let me stop you there, jeff, because that hasn't happened. >> yes, it has. >> by what measure? >> if you look at the dxy, down 11% since qe started. >> okay. if that was also part -- if you read all. fed's and all of ben bernanke's literature on how to attack deflation and reflate, part of it is gently devaluing the dollar. competitive devaluations going around t
have the japanese government trying to really reboot that economy. you're seeing the chinese government and the new leadership trying to reboot their economy, so, if any, you're going to see probably an accelerated economy n.parts of the world i still think we'll have structural problems in europe and all the uncertainty about the united states so i don't believe it's going to be as bad as it sounds. the u.s. certainly may, but i actually think what's going on are -- and this is part of our messaging at blackrock, you need to look beyond the noise of the day or the week or the month. if you have a liability that's a 20 or 30-year liability, why do you care about what's going to happen in the next few months. >> sure. >> it may mean your entry level is higher or lower, but you're missing out, and so, you know, my message a year ago, you have to be in stoks stocks. for those not in stocks, what did we see, the s&p up 15% last year and we're up another 3.5% so far year to date. >> yeah. >> so far equity returns in the first 17 days this career are going to be better than your annualized re
his take on whether the debt ceiling should be used to force spending cuts from the government. ♪ [ male announcer ] some day, your life will flash before your eyes. ♪ make it worth watching. ♪ the new 2013 lexus ls. an entirely new pursuit. with multiple lacerations to the wing and a fractured beak. surgery was successful, but he will be in a cast until it is fully healed, possibly several months. so, if the duck isn't able to work, how will he pay for his living expenses? aflac. like his rent and car payments? aflac. what about gas and groceries? aflac. cell phone? aflac, but i doubt he'll be using his phone for quite a while cause like i said, he has a fractured beak. [ male announcer ] send the aflac duck a get-well card at getwellduck.com. >>> welcome back. this is the chart of the day. if this is going to continue right here and close, this is going to be the first time that apple closes below $500 since february of last year. so for this year apple is the worst performing stock on the nasdaq 100 and the second worst on the s&p 500, bill. >> our herb greenbe
in forming the government. netanyahu had called these elections in a way as a reflection of his policies on the west bank and settlements, the quelling of the uprising in gaza and, of course, israeli relations or lack of relations, i should say, with iran. many people and political observers there believe that this will then continue his relatively more hardline right-leaning policies on all of those three issues. netanyahu, according to exit polls, will once again be prime minister in israel. >> thanks, tyler. heading towards the close. about 50 minutes left in the trading session just off the highs of the day. a reminder. any positive close for the dow and s&p, new five-year highs. >> ameritrade getting a boost in trade today despite a drop in profits. stock is up 23% over the past three months. right after the break the ceo joins us with the real story behind this quarter and his concern of a proposed trading tax in europe and whether it could make its way here to america. >> also. big earnings reports after the bell coming your way. do not miss the numbers from google and ibm. they h
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5